UNIBIZZ (a.k.a. UNIVERSAL bis) has specialised in legal translations to and from all languages since 1990 (summonses and other writs, contracts, judgments, decisions, notarial deeds, invoicing conditions, certificates, and so on). Our clients include judicial officers, lawyers, civil-law notaries, accountants and companies and, like no other, we understand your need for punctuality, thoroughness and absolute discretion. With our exceptional team of in-house and freelance translators, we guarantee all your translations will be performed to the highest professional standards, day in and day out.


On request: info@unibizz.be

Fixed minimum rate: €40.00.

All our translations are performed by degree-qualified and/or sworn translators who are ideally native speakers of the target language.

Translations are delivered as you require: by fax, e-mail or as printed hard copy, with or without a sworn translator’s signature.

There is no extra charge for authenticating a sworn translator’s signature for Dutch, French, German, English, Italian and Spanish translations.

The number of lines is calculated in Microsoft Word as follows: Click on Review, Word Count and find the number of Characters (with spaces). Divide this number by 60 and you have the invoiced number of lines! Many translation agencies divide the number of characters by 55, and are thus at least 8% more expensive.

Hourly rate: €85.00

No-obligation quotation: info@unibizz.be

Urgency surcharge: + 20%

Judicial Officers

We apply a special cause-list rate for standard text (writs of service - summonses - judgments) exclusively for judicial officers.

Dutch - French
French - Dutch

Our general rates apply to statements of reasons, non-standard texts and other languages.

Also exclusively for judicial officers - 30% for standard wording and text passages for Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.


Véronique Bonge

Business Manager of UNIBIZZ since 1990
MA translator French – Spanish – Dutch
Sworn translator for the Limburg Court of First Instance
Postgraduate degree in Business Economics

Ria Van Aelst

At UNIBIZZ since 2002
MA translator English – German – Dutch
Sworn translator for the Leuven Court of First Instance

Sofie Ruymen

At UNIBIZZ since 2008,
Corporate translator: Dutch – French – English – German


Since 1990, we have been working with a team of 15 native-language freelancers with legal expertise.

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Address : Theresiastraat 23, 3500 Hasselt.

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E-mail :info@unibizz.be


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